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Winter tours: the weather + the gaieties of Foshan and Guangzhou

Subtropical climate is typical for Southern China, so don’t expect to find hard snowy winter there. The average temperature in December is about 10-22 °C, the same in February, but it’s a rainy season. In January the mercury can go down to 3°C, so if you’re going to visit China at this time, bring some warm clothes. Don’t forget about antihistaminic drugs, if you’re an allergy patient: there are plenty of flowering herbs and pollen during the first two months.

Haute cuisine: the review of restaurants in Guangzhou selected by the Michelin Guide

We’ve already written that during the trip our clients can choose a diverse range of meals: from porridge, dumplings and McDonald’s cheeseburgers to fried insects and other exotic dishes. This article focuses on gourmet cuisine, so let us tell you about restaurants in Guangzhou selected by the Michelin Guide.

One day in Guangzhou: places worth visiting

Make a walk along the streets, get a bird’s-eye view of the night city, look at the building designed by Zaha Hadid and other things tourists «must-do list» includes: find time to do them in Guangzhou during your trip!

Hygge to your home: let's look at the trend in interiors

Hygge is a word that describes the concept of happiness, warmth and comfort. This word can refer to anything that brings you happiness, comfort and inner warmth. Most often it is used to describe an atmosphere that helps to achieve such an effect.

Capsule renovation. The secret of the interior, which can be renewed indefinitely

Among the new trends, there is one that has fallen into our hearts - capsule renovation. This trend came to interior design from the catwalk, in general, like many other trends: for example, color bloking. Capsule renovation is characterized by a calculated look at things (for that and loved), but it is able to maintain the aesthetic value of design.

The right to contrasts: color bloking in the interior

I can only love fashion because with one raised eyebrow it can rehabilitate forgotten or criticized phenomena. Such as, for example, the combination of several bright colors in one interior. The bad manner was suddenly considered an acceptable design move. And then, when all bowed their knees to the new trend, it was actually declared a style and gave the name - color bloking.

Historical styles in interior design

Historical styles should not find a place in a modern residential interior - only if you gravitate to everything antique. At the same time, the aristocratic nature of each of these styles allows them to become a wonderful option for decorating public spaces.

Home library: ideas for places to store your favorite books

With the advent of e-readers, we all dreamed that we would soon become something like Leonardo da Vinci, i.e., universal people. No longer would we have to seek out new books, spend money on them, and drag that weight from place to place. But it is time to admit: we have not read more, and the obvious advantages of a book reader fade into the background when remembering the sacred smell of printed pages. All in all, the fashion for traditional books is returning - so it's worth finding a place to store them in every home.

8 tips for those who want to set up a home gym

We live from home. We exchange a stable office job for carefree freelance work, order food and books online, have conversations in chat rooms. But at the same time we recognize the fashion for a healthy lifestyle and dream about a perfect toned body. In that case, there is nothing left but to organize a mini-gym right at home. If, of course, you can afford this idea.

The modest charm of design. Why is furniture from Italy so popular?

The post-war years were very difficult for the Italian furniture industry. Factories produced mainly classic-style interior furnishings, which were of little interest to the public. In addition, Scandinavian design began to gain in popularity, which led to an increase in imports, a drop in exports and, in general, to a decadent mood. But Italians are not capable of doing anything bad for a long time - open to experimentation, they took a risk and created a new aesthetic.

Six tips for finding your perfect designer

Designers are different. Some will satisfy any whim of the client, just to make money. Others stubbornly and uncompromisingly will insist on their own, not paying attention to your twitching eye. Others will make a concession, even if they are absolutely convinced that they are right. When choosing a designer, first of all, pay attention to how comfortable it is to communicate with this person - because (despite the title of the text) nothing is perfect in our world.

Fool me. Optical illusions in the interior

Witty designs create dynamic (and dramatic) interiors, but more importantly, they can transform a space. To transform means to hide flaws or add elements that do not and cannot exist in a living space. If you are waiting for a change and want to improve your interior, use our simple tricks.

Ethnic styles in interior design

Folklore motifs give the interior the status of exclusivity, and immersion in the traditions of other peoples enriches our perception of the world. Ethnic design is suitable for those who want to emphasize their nationality or create a small corner of their favorite region at home.



How to set up a home office?

We are working more. And it's not just that today's employees perform an impossible number of tasks. Working is now fashionable, work has turned from a chore into a way of life. We often stretch (or postpone) the execution of tasks and - take the work with us.

Architect turned an abandoned factory into an apartment building

Ricardo Bofill, a talented Spanish architect, found a dilapidated cement factory near Barcelona back in 1973. He immediately bought the site and launched La Fabrica, a project to transform the industrial complex into a modern home.


里卡多-波菲,一位天才的西班牙建筑师,早在1973年就在巴塞罗那附近发现了一个破旧的水泥厂。他立即买下了这个地方,并启动了La Fabrica项目,将这个工业综合体改造成一个现代的家。

8 tips for setting up a small kitchen

From thrifty designers we inherited tiny kitchens and a super ability to place all the necessary items where it would seem that even a coffee machine is cramped. Of course, the accumulation of things does not inspire culinary adventures, and therefore we have to somehow get out of it and find clever design tricks. And yet a small room can be comfortable and functional - read our tips and see for yourself.

Spaceship in Cupertino. 8 facts about Apple's new headquarters

In 2006, Steve Jobs conceived another ambitious, but now architectural project: he wanted to build a new headquarters for Apple in the form of a giant flying saucer. And in 2009, when Jobs invited the iconic Norman Foster to design his idea, we all knew that one of the greatest construction ventures of the third millennium was looming. Despite the unhealthy perfectionism of the American corporation, the futuristic campus is almost ready - on this occasion, we gathered 8 facts about the most anticipated building of 2017.



Perfection in detail. All you need to know about wall decor

The 'sterile' interior has no charm. Dull, monotonous, devoid of any accents and signs of life, it unequivocally hints at the narrow-mindedness of its owners. Our review is dedicated to those who neglected the elements of decor in the decoration of the house - look closely at this list and hang something on the wall already.


无菌的 "内部没有任何魅力。沉闷、单调、没有任何口音和生活迹象,明确暗示了其主人的狭隘性。我们的评论是献给那些在装修房子时忽视了装饰元素的人--仔细看看这份清单,并在墙上挂上一些东西了。

How to choose a mattress?

Choosing a mattress should be approached in much the same way as looking for a significant other. This means that the main criterion is your personal preferences. And do not rush to trust the appealing advertising slogans and persuasive views of consultants. It is better to read the list of our tips, and then go to the store and lie down on the mattress you like. Trust your own feelings and you won't make a mistake.

Beware! Red in the interior

Not every designer is able to tame the energetic red color, because if handled incorrectly, any of its positive effects on our psyche can become negative. Red is the color of love and passion, the color of danger and rebellion, the color of wealth and leadership. It is suitable for active and courageous people who need an emotional interior.

小心! 内部的红色


What not to do, or 7 ways to ruin the interior

Next to fickle trends and classic motifs, there is always room for design tricks (or mistakes) that will devalue any pretty interior. That's what we have gathered for you in this review - so read our anti-tips, remember and never do that.

French interior charm from the movie 'Amelie'

The French believe that there is nothing more important than everyday life - to live and enjoy the little things is the very essence of l'art de vivre philosophy. Similarly, they try to fill their home with hundreds of unpretentious knickknacks, which give the space that famous French charm.