8 tips for those who want to set up a home gym


We live from home. We exchange a stable office job for carefree freelance work, order food and books online, have conversations in chat rooms. But at the same time we recognize the fashion for a healthy lifestyle and dream about a perfect toned body. In that case, there is nothing left but to organize a mini-gym right at home. If, of course, you can afford this idea.

1. Before you buy a treadmill or other equipment, make sure you have room for it in your home. You can always park a treadmill in a spare corner of the living room or bedroom, but if you're serious about getting in shape, you'll need at least 8 square feet of space. An insulated attic or veranda is a great option for this purpose.

​​​​2. As for the walls - they must be protected from condensation. When choosing a coating, look out for tile, plastic and natural cork panels. As a last resort, traditional paper wallpaper will do.

3. The flooring should not only be strong and flexible (enough to withstand the weight of the exercise equipment), but also non-slip and noise-insulating. This is especially important if you live in a regular city apartment.

4. Take care of an exhaust hood and fans. Good ventilation will rid the room of unpleasant odors and provide the fresh air needed for exercise.

5. The lighting in the gym (even if it is located at home) should not be too bright. Overhead lights with diffusing lamps are suitable - you will feel comfortable with them.

6. You will need a full-length mirror to make sure you are in the right position for your workouts. In addition, the gym should definitely have a wall clock, a chair, a towel rack and a floor scale. Keep in mind the purpose of the room - do not force it with extraneous, distracting objects.

7. Lay a colored mat on the floor - bright colors tone up and lift your spirits. In addition, there is an opinion that the colors red and orange promote activity, because they improve blood circulation and brain activity.

8. If you're setting up a yoga room, use soft pastel colors when decorating. They have calming properties.

P.S. Hang a poster of your ideal body or a motivational inscription on your wall to give you an extra incentive to achieve athletic results.