8 tips for setting up a small kitchen

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From thrifty designers we inherited tiny kitchens and a super ability to place all the necessary items where it would seem that even a coffee machine is cramped. Of course, the accumulation of things does not inspire culinary adventures, and therefore we have to somehow get out of it and find clever design tricks. And yet a small room can be comfortable and functional - read our tips and see for yourself.

The Magic of White

One of the win-win ways to visually increase space is to paint the walls white. And if you pick up a light-colored kitchen with a light-colored countertop, you get a stylish interior, filled with air and light. Many people think white is impractical, which, of course, is not the case - otherwise we wouldn't give you this kind of advice. You do not need to take care of a white façade any more than any other, and the most finicky are recognized black glossy surfaces.

By the way, did you know that all white initially costs less than other colors?

Proper layout, appropriate furniture

In a miniature kitchen, all the furniture should be arranged as compactly as possible. So you only have two options - a linear or a corner layout. And no bulky furniture! Consider multifunctional models and transformers, as well as plastic and glass pieces.

Only drawers

Replacing the hinged doors of the lower cabinets with pull-out drawers will save precious centimeters in your modest kitchen. Plus, this storage system will give you quick access to the appliances you need.

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As for the top drawers, we advise you to abandon them altogether. Better hang open shelves, hooks and rails. With this uncomplicated way you will make your tiny kitchen more free, the main thing is to keep the shelves in order.

Denial of curtains

Curtains are an unacceptable luxury for a tiny room. Blinds or roller blinds can perfectly replace them.

... and from a full table

If kitchen space is catastrophically small, then you have to sacrifice something. Let it be the dining area. You can arrange a mini table on the windowsill or dine in the living room. Wonderful options for a small kitchen are a hinged folding shelf and a table on wheels.

Magnetic shelves

Remove the magnets you brought back from travel from the fridge - there are more practical uses for this surface. For example, hang a magnetic shelf. It can hold jars of spices or your favorite mug with tea bags.

Miniature Technology

A small kitchen needs small appliances. A two-burner hob is enough for you, and a fridge and freezer will replace the usual refrigerator.