Addicted to Fashion: How Fashion Affects Interior Design

If you’re following the fashion industry, you must have noticed how much it affects furniture production and interior design. For example, Hermes is now producing wallpapers and household textiles, Diesel is designing furniture and light fixtures, and Fendi Casa is vying with Cassina and Flexform for dominance in the interior design market.

5 Iconic Light Fixtures

One of the key interior design rules says that lightning is everything. This is where you don’t want to make a mistake because it can cost you a lot — both in terms of money and nerves. A poor light fixture can ruin an otherwise ideal interior, while a carefully selected item can completely transform the space. If you’re willing to flatter your ego and demonstrate your taste, be sure to choose unconventional lightning fixtures. Bold and eccentric, they will become the central pieces of your interior.

6 Tips on Choosing the Ideal Designer

Designers can be different. There are those who will readily meet your any need only to make some money. There are those who will stand their ground no matter what, unwilling to make a tiniest step back. And there are those who will agree to everything you are saying even if they know their solution is a better one. When choosing an interior designer, stop for a minute and ask yourself whether you feel comfortable with this person. We are sorry to disappoint you but there is no such thing as an “ideal” designer. However, it’s no reason to give up. Read on to find out how to choose if not ideal, but at least a reliable professional.

Interior - a big and beautiful pill for stress

What helps with this psychological condition? Therapy in any appropriate form. It can be confidential conversations with loved ones, consultations with a psychotherapist, herbal compilations, after all. Or a change in the interior. In this article, we will try to answer the question, whether it is possible to overcome stress with the help of the interior, and if so, how to do it.

A revolution in furniture design: Werner Pantone's approach

A revolution in furniture design came about thanks to the Danish designer and architect Werner Panton. His creativity blossomed in the second half of the twentieth century, when he was hired by Arne Jacobsen's studio. In this new material, we look at what innovations Werner Panton introduced.

Skyscrapers above 500 m in China - everything

The Chinese government has signed a decree that bans architectural plagiarism as well as the construction of very tall skyscrapers.

Fashion addiction: how does fashion affect interior design?

Anyone who follows global fashion has noticed the influence of this reckless industry on furniture production and interior design. Hermes has been producing wallpaper and home textiles for years, Diesel creates furniture and lighting fixtures, and Fendi Casa argues for the leading place in Europe's interior design charts with Cassina and Flexform.

8 strange examples of modern architecture

Some modern architects try time and again to surprise us by offering their crazy imagination instead of clear aesthetics. They experiment with space, come up with absurd forms and fill the world with structures that provoke contradictory evaluations. In this review we have collected the strangest (and sometimes ridiculous) creations of architectural thought.

5 iconic fixtures in design history

One of the rules of good interior design says that light solves everything. A bad lighting design can "cast a shadow" on even the most perfect room, while winning lighting will provide beauty and a welcome home. If you want to flatter your self-esteem and illustrate an exceptional sense of taste, choose outstanding lighting fixtures - self-contained art objects, they will become the main character of the environment.

Ethnic styles in interior design

Folklore motifs give the interior the status of exclusivity, and immersion in the traditions of other peoples enriches our perception of the world. Ethnic design is suitable for those who want to emphasize their nationality or create a small corner of their favorite region at home.

What not to do, or 7 ways to ruin the interior

Next to fickle trends and classic motifs, there is always room for design tricks (or mistakes) that will devalue any pretty interior. That's what we have gathered for you in this review - so read our anti-tips, remember and never do that.

How does an aspiring interior designer get a job?

Trying to get a job as a young designer (or any other professional) turns into a hell of a lot of anguish because of the absurdity of the requirements. To get a good job, you need to provide a good portfolio, and to provide a good portfolio, it would be nice to have a good job. The only way to get out of this vicious circle is by the grace of the gods. And some of our tips.

Ruffles, a sprig of lavender, and cracks on the dresser: all about the Provence style

The famous singer Yolka has a song about Provence that praises the beauty of the place. People who have been to the historic region in southeastern France believe that the region is, indeed, worthy of poems and songs. Tourists go to Provence to see the magnificent scenery and ancient buildings, to taste the wine and popular pastries collisons.

Sit on a chair and eat it: the phenomenon of edible furniture

If you can eat your cup of coffee or a straw, why can't you eat your couch? That's the question many designers have already asked themselves. But some of them went beyond thinking and actually made quite edible designs.

Victorian style in the interior - it is a lot, expensive and obscenely beautiful

The Victorian era is not only known for Queen Victoria's reign, huge bible sales and immense crinolines that made ladies get stuck in doorways. One of the most beautiful interior styles emerged at this time, which has many loyal fans even in the 21st century.

Glamping: what it is and why this kind of tourism is worth trying

We tell you about a new tourist destination that has all chances to make up an alternative to weekends in exotic hotels, down the river kayaking and other non-boring vacation in nature.

15 materials that can and should be used in construction

We are constantly in contact with building materials. Metal handles, wooden walls and glass windows would create a completely different atmosphere if the handles were, say, glass, the walls were metal and the windows were wood. The material is as important to the building as its form, function and location - or rather, inseparable from these three characteristics. We have compiled a list of 15 materials that any self-respecting architect should know about.

Concrete in the interior: furniture, decor, plumbing

A few decades ago, this building material did not evoke thoughts of coziness and comfort. Concrete gained popularity with the development of industrial style in the interior, as well as after the appearance of minimalism in design, loft and high-tech. People began to think more about the functionality of the objects that surround them rather than about appearance. Today, manufacturers offer furniture made of concrete, sanitary equipment, as well as lamps, decorative elements and garden sets.